Products & Services

Americare Compounding Pharmacy is a state of the art facility. Completely renovated in 2012 with brand new machines and work spaces. Our staff of compounding pharmacists and technicians are well trained in traditional pharmacy practices as well as the latest compounding techniques. We adhere to the strictest guidelines to produce the highest quality medications.


  • Full-service compounding pharmacy
  • Our specialties include sterile injectables, ophthalmic solutions, urology, dermatology, ObGyn, and hard-to-find medications.
  • We prepare all categories of dosage forms, including injectables, ointments, creams, capsules, gels, troches, solutions, suspensions, nasal sprays, vaginal creams, and suppositories.
  • We make custom compounds to meet any physician or any health care professional's request.
  • Exceptional pricing on generic medications.

Prescription Compounding Specialists

In every field of medicine, there are some patients who don't respond to traditional treatments. Some require medicines customized to their body types with specific needs.

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